05 March 2023

Thundarr the Barbarian - The Best of Future Dystopian Sword & Sorcery

Thundarr the Barbarian was one of the greatest cartoon series ever made, and that's saying something, because it came from an era of amazing tv animation. With the combination of Sword & Sorcery, the post-apocalypse, strange vista, and mutant beast men it gave audiences a glimpse into an incredible world both familiar and fantastically mysterious. It also greatly benefited from having the influence of Jack Kirby.

I could go on and on about how it's one of the perfect inspirational sources for tabletop roleplaying games. When I think about what kind of game would be the most fun to me I can't help but immediately think of Thundarr. Actually, something between Thundarr and Army of Darkness would be perfect.
As much as I love this show, I hope they never remake it. They should just keep it in print as it was for future audiences to enjoy and let fans go off and make their unofficial creations. It ended as a classic, and as a classic it should remain.
Thus far it has been luckier than Star Wars, which was much better off as just three movies with a roleplaying game, toys and a universe of novels and comics for the fans who wanted more. In fact, Star Wars was once the perfect example of how great something could be if it was left alone and allowed to just be loved and honored by its fans.
A note to all creators, make something and finish it, appreciate the people who love what you've done, but for god's sake move on. Do not become George Lucas. Also, do not surrender your creation to a corporation that will be more focused on marketing, money, and quotas than creativity.

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