30 May 2022

Ebon Storms

Not too long ago I watched a Game Geeks episode about a fantasy audio drama series called Ebon Storms. I bookmarked it, thinking it might be interesting, and then I forgot about it. Then came this afternoon when I needed some audio into which I could escape for a few hours. 

Man, what a ride.

Now, I'm probably going to be judged harshly for recommending this series, considering the quality, but you have to remember that I came up at a time when gamers had a, "Take what you can get" approach to fantasy and gaming media. We watched stuff shot on VHS, and we liked it, damn it!

I once had a discussion with Vin Diesel, in a movie theater as the credits for the Warcraft movie rolled, about how I enjoyed the film and learned to enjoy any fantasy I could get my hands on because it had been so difficult to find the stuff growing up. He seemed to understand, but he was unforgiving in his fairly harsh judgment of Warcraft. Oh, well. 

My tastes and past aside, Ebon Storms is not that bad. It's in fact a commendable effort to capture the experience of following the chronicles of what seems to be the in-world perspective of a gaming group. It's the story of a world and the characters who strive to save it. It's typical fantasy fare, and I admit that I ate it up. 

The website for the series is rough, apparently not having been updated in a very long time, but it is active and it's possible to find the episodes there or on iTunes, via a link on the site. It's worth doing some digging in the layers of that antiquated web mess, especially if you're at all like me and just want some typical, old fashioned fantasy fun in your life. 

So, give Ebon Storms some of your time and ignore the fact that it sounds like college kids are struggling to convey character through a clunky script. Just enjoy the escape this fantasy romp provides.

An actual image from the site

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